DIVE SAFETY & BAUER PureAir filling system

Amba - Bauer Pure Air System

Of course, we do not take any increased risks when diving. The dive sites are selected on a daily basis, taking into account weather, waves, visibility, and current, and are chosen relatively short-term. The diving experience of the guests is naturally just as important as the conditions underwater.

We dive with responsible and experienced divers who know their limits and adhere to them. Divers who are unsure or have concerns about certain dive sites should and must report this to the tour management with a good feeling, so that we can find a solution to satisfy all guests.

Our diving tanks are professionally inspected, cleaned, and recertified by the Maldivian Bauer representative company MA Service in Male, in accordance with legal requirements. The same procedure is applied to rental regulators, jackets, and other rental equipment. Written proof is available. Our Bauer compressors are also professionally maintained annually by the same company. We have decided to only fill tanks with Bauer Pure Air certified air and exclusively use original Bauer air filters. This method of filling is a matter of course for us and demonstrates professionalism towards our guests and the dive crew.

With the Bauer Pure Air system, we are by far the best in terms of “cleanest diving air” in the Maldives and also the only diving ship and resort with this very high standard.


Arrival and departure days are dive-free on the AMBA. On all other days, we offer our guests the opportunity to jump into Neptune’s realm three times a day and explore the underwater world of the Maldives. On long channel crossings, which do not happen often, we only have the opportunity to dive twice a day, unfortunately. But fortunately, this rarely happens. Each week, we offer an exciting night dive included in the usual 3 dives.

To ensure that all our cherished guests return home safely from their holiday, we are very strict about diving safety and expect a professional attitude towards diving from our diving guests.

This includes a certification that allows one to dive up to 30 meters deep and since we dive exclusively with Nitrox, also a Nitrox certification. We especially ask divers who completed their training many years ago to check again if the necessary certifications are in place.

In the event of a Nitrox system failure, we offer no compensation, and guests must dive with regular air.

A minimum of 50 dives is required and diving is done in two groups of up to 10 guests each. These groups are guided groups, which means that the divers follow the guide in a buddy system but must also be able to ascend alone and safely.

Guests experienced in the Maldives and diving who wish to dive alone can register with the tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

Professional diving equipment, as we expect from our diving guests, includes a diving suit, a head hood, mask, snorkel, buoyancy compensator, fins with booties, surface marker buoy, signal whistle, cutting tool, current hook, Nitrox capable dive computer, compass, and a regulator with alternative air source. Gloves can be brought along, but we ask that they be worn only on dives where we expect tiger sharks. On all other dives, we ask our guests to refrain from wearing gloves.

Shakers, pointer sticks and other noisy items are not welcome and can or should be left at home.