Arrival & Check in


Before the journey begins, various formalities need to be completed and applied for. These include
    • checking in on the ship
    • providing your emergency contact details
    • registering with the Maldivian authorities.
Our process will guide you through all these matters in a relaxed manner, please allow yourself about 30 minutes for this.


The Maldives is a Muslim country, and it is strictly prohibited to import alcohol. We have an alcohol license and sufficient alcohol for sale on board. Of course, we understand the magic of bringing your own “good drop” and would have no problem with it on board, as long as it is within limits. However, importation is strictly forbidden and everyone must decide for themselves what risk they are willing to take. On board, we have a great selection of high-quality spirits, beers, and wines, which we offer at a fair price. Naturally, we are delighted to be able to pamper our guests with these.


With consistently humid temperatures ranging from 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, we recommend our guests to wear light summer clothing. During meals, we request upper body clothing and shorts or skirts. Swim briefs (Speedos), bare torsos, or bikinis are not desired during meal times and in the salon.


Just before the end of the trip, on the last or second-to-last day, another QR code for departure must be generated through the Maldives Immigration Authority (IMUGA).