For more than seventeen years, the 34-meter-long and 10-meter-wide diving safari ship AMBA has been cruising in the Maldives as an extremely reliable, dependable, and comfortable diving safari ship with a unique and incomparable character and an outstanding crew. It visits the best central atolls as well as the northern atolls. The large and well-maintained diving safari ship accommodates 21 experienced divers. The tour management on board is from Germany.

Amba - Technical Information

Technical information

Year of construction: 2004
Length: 34 meters
Width: 10 meters
Engines: Volvo Penta Marine
Generators: 2x Fischer Panda 40 KW, 1x Kohler 80 KW
Compressors: 2x Bauer Compressors, Bauer Pure Air certified, 1x Membrane for Nitrox
Diving cylinders: 12-liter aluminum, 15-liter aluminum, DIN valves, with or without inlet
Navigation: Compass, radio, GPS, depth gauge, fishfinder.

Amba - Bauer Pur Air Certificated

Pure Air Station

The quality of the breathing air is one of the fundamentals for safe diving. Often, however, it is not something that the customer can verify. The Pure Air concept by Bauer allows every diver to determine in advance whether the air used to fill the tanks is clean and healthy. Dealers who have equipped their facility with the SECURUS monitoring unit from Bauer and who regularly check the air content for oil, water, CO, and CO2 in cooperation with a Bauer testing lab, and keep records of these checks, are awarded a Pure Air certificate.

The Pure Air certificate is reissued annually and is made immediately visible to customers through a sticker on the store door. Certificates and test protocols can be viewed at any time. The diving ship AMBA is the only diving ship in the Maldives with such a filling station.


The safety and well-being of our guests and crew is our top priority! Naturally, we reflect on what we do with the expertise and opinions of other professionals to ensure we are always up to date. We do not take any risks during the journey or the dives, and we naturally have the safety certificate from the Maldivian authorities. A very experienced captain and a well-trained and prepared crew give guests a warm welcome.

  • Detailed safety training is conducted in the crew’s native language by qualified and experienced experts, complementing the overall safety concept.
  • Participants receive written proof of refresher training or, if it is an initial training, an internationally valid certification at all workshops.
  • Unannounced mock emergency scenarios for the crew are held at regular intervals to ensure proper response in real emergencies. Our guests are, of course, informed beforehand.
  • Before each tour, the entire crew, under the guidance of the tour leader, mandatorily rehearses all relevant emergency procedures and stations as a fixed part of the safety checklist, to act quickly and without delay in case of an emergency.
  • Guests with a medical background, such as doctors, paramedics, firefighters, are requested to introduce themselves at the beginning of the trip to the tour management to make the right decisions in case of an emergency.
  • In the kitchen, we avoid fried foods to fundamentally prevent grease fires, which are often the cause of fires on board ships.
  • The gas appliances in the kitchen are regularly checked and, if necessary, renewed. Starting next year, we are considering a solution with induction cooktops. And we only take as much kitchen gas as we need for a tour, to avoid having unnecessarily flammable material on board.